Do you charge by total sq ft under roof ?

Do you charge by total sq ft under roof or condition space…living area?

Roy L.

Hi Roy,

I charge by the sq. footage from the MLS listing.
So that would be conditioned space.

Also, while very uncommon here, I do charge an extra fee for crawlspaces.


I have one to give a bid to and it is 3455 conditioned and 5076 under roof.
That’s 1621 sqft difference .
it is such a big difference I was thinking doing under roof.

Roy I go by Total under roof. The reason and what I explain to clients who say "But the basement is “unfinished”. There is actually more to inspect in an unfinished area. You can see the framing, electric, plumbing, Insulation etc… Get my point?


Ditto! I spend almost 35-40% of my time in most (75+ year old, unfinished) basements. Over 60% of my residential inspections fall into that category!

Exactly !!! Way more work in an unfinished area than a finished area.


Thanks Brothers .

Roy L.

Always total square footage under roof for me as well as additional fee for crawlspace. We do inspect those areas- don’t we? I do not think that it is unreasonable to expect to be paid for inspecting 2000 square feet of porches, columns, railings, etc. as well as the additional 660 square feet for the 3 car garage where a water heater, air handler, electrical outlets, garage doors and door openers are located.

I agree .

Where do you find the under roof square footage?

And that is usually how lowballers determine their low prices… “finished” space only… unfinished basements, unfinished walkup attics, garages (with unfinished living space, and sometimes finished… it is a garage afterall)… all FREE!!!

County Property Appraiser .

Sounds like you are correct.
Darn! I agreed with you ! Shucks !

I have always done under roof, but the client questioned me on it.
I said, you have a home with 3455 conditions space and 5076 under roof.
If I didn’t inspect the other 1612 and later you found issues, you would have wished you had.
Sir ! 1612 is the size of many a home.
He said you’re correct …do it.
By the way sir ! You do want me to inspect that pool for you .
He said ! How do you do that ?
With swim trunks and a case of beer…Naw ! Just Jokin’.
I don’t drink !

I always knew you had it in ya’! :mrgreen:

I know Jeffrey !
I don’t know if I should be happy or sad ! Lol

You can charge by the square foot, but I wouldn’t advertise your fees by revealing a price per square foot. Do anything you can to resist becoming a commodity. You don’t want the industry to get to a point where consumers ask us how much we charge per square foot like they ask their grocer how much bananas are per pound.

I don’t think (Well I don’t anyway) inspectors actually reveal to the clients how they calculate a price. I use sq, footage, age, crawl or not, garage? # of HVAC zones distance to travel etc… but that is all my method and not ever reveakled to the client or agents.


Some do. I’m opposed to the idea of advertising a price per square foot. I think that should be used in our calculations to bid a job, but not revealed.

I am the lowballer who does under air…no basements or crawlspaces here…

Must be nice.