Do you explain switched outlets to your client?

I will video one of the outlets and explain it to my client in the report, with the video.

Do you explain switched outlets to your client?

Yes we always did .

Nice little video. :cool:

Around here not many Sparky’s turn the switched receptacle opposite of the others in the room but if they did it would be helpful in identifying the switch controlled device as you’ve mentioned.

To your comment about the 1/2 switched receptacle it is actually required by the NEC for 1/2 of the receptacle to be unswitched if you are using that portion of the device to count as one of the required receptacles in the room.

To add to Robert’s second comment, this is a recent change to the code. It was not spelled out if the switched receptacle counted towards the 6/12 spacing.

Thanks for the input.

Yes this first appeared in the 2008 NEC.

Around here receptacles’ ground are all positioned up and none are switched…

So I guess that’s the way it’s done in the Great White North.:slight_smile:

No comment!
I see what you are doing Frank.

Oh do you Roy? :slight_smile:


Only some do it that way .
The ground can be up or down no big deal switched on split out lets are also very common too .
That’s the way they did it on my home 30 years ago

Don’t pull that crap on me Brother Frank.
If you would spend more time shakin’ hands and kissin’ baby’s you may have more inspections…
…OK ! OK !
Let’s forget that OK?
How many hours a day do you spend on blogging including the vids? Really!
Do you really believe that the internet is your claim to fame?
Productive time on the pavement will do much more good.

I can spend an hour or two on Sunday creating my social media posts. I then schedule them to post automatically throughout the week. Technology is great Roy. You should learn how to take advantage of it.