Do you floks say anything about rotted Expansion Joints?

Do you folks call out rotted and or missing expansion joints in driveways and sidewalks? To me they are the same thing as a large crack and should be sealed. What say you?

Maintenance tip: sealing will extend useful life of sidewalks and driveway.

Yes I Observed as deferred maintenance

I sealed my driveway expansion joints with this product yesterday. Self leveling rubber-silicone sealer. Good stuff!!



I don’t comment on them unless they are big enough to fall into.

Not sure how a fresh board or joint filler would “extend the useful life” especially in our part of TX where freezing is unlikely. If the client asks about it, I’ll advise a backer rod and concrete joint filler.

Edit: Like the stuff Linas used ^

Looks good.

ok, maybe not in non freezing climates.

In Florida we typically have bituminus expansion material where concrete drive meets garage slab. The expansion material runs all the way from the top edge of the concrete down to the compacted earth. In other words it is a complete separation of the driveway from the garage slab. When this material wears, rots or is removed it leaves a big void. normally their is at least one gutter downspout in this area discharging lots of water onto or around the edges of the drive. Needless to say, the undermining of soil beneth the driveway is a common occurance - leading to driveway failure when vehicles drive over the unsupported areas. no freezing around here, but a major problem none the less.