Would you recommend sealing up joint lines on your driveway and
seperation of foundation and sidewalk to keep moisture and dirt out
or is this something you just leave alone. I have a picture but cant figure out this new image attachment how to get a normal kodak pic to fit to attach.
it keeps telling me the demensions limits filetype are 640x640 and unable to resize file so you will have to do manually which i dont know how to do. See other post with pictures


I beleive the expansion joints should be left alone so that the concrete has room to expand or contract depending on the area.

I personally will use a pressure washer to keep free of a buildup of dirt & debris.

If you talking about concrete against the foundation then I would seal. Hopefully it is pitched away from foundation. Sealing would only be a temporary fix.

Just my 2 cents


If you use the manage attachments in the options you should be able to add your picture.

Now when it comes to cut & paste… I stillcant figure that one out.

i’ve personaly haven’t seen a sidewalk go right up to the foundation on a house, but i have seen this on commercial buildings. in this case i usualy see a slight kick up at the last 4 or 6’’ to the foundation. you could do the same thing with a bucket of hydrolic cement and a troul. and if you mess up or aren’t fast enough,…well let’s just say, you gatta follow the directoins. as for the driveway, the crack will allow grass and weeds to sprout, and the root systems of some of these can cause the driveway to heave up and should be watched form season to season.

Thanks guys

I have seen plenty of bozos who thin k that they are concrete contractors put the sidewalk right up to the foundation and even covering it. One house, the sidewalk was so raised that the weep holes were at the sidewalk level. Can you say ‘water infiltration’?

Also seel sidewalks right up against the foundation, with no expansion joint, and cracked foundations as a result.

Someone has to stop these yahoos. :twisted:

That will Never happen Will

as far as resizing photos, check out the free software called irfanview you can resize pics right on your computer and then upload them, works great,cant remember the site address but just do a google on irfanview

thanks for the tip

All expansion joints should be sealed with backer rod and caulk that conforms to ASTM standards. Take a look at any high end commercial building. Walk around a downtown mall. All expansion joints are sealed.