Do you have any ideas for any changes?

The NEC is revised every 3 years. What are some of your ideas for any changes?

Any new ideas for your proposals for the 2011 NEC must be done at this proposal stage and sent in before [size=3]11/7/08.[/size]

[FONT=Arial]Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for the 2014 NEC! [/FONT]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Here’s a new Power Point file developed by the IAEI:[/FONT]

  1. [FONT=Comic Sans MS]Developing good proposals]([/FONT]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]2. Online proposals are also permitted by NFPA.[/FONT]

My idea is “no mas”

Don’t accept any changes to the code for 10 years except repairing inconsistancies and poor language. No new rules.

This code churn is out of control and the corporate lobbiests have taken over the process. If things like tamper proof receptacles and AFCIs are such great ideas, sell them to the public like any other product. Don’t cram them down our throats by quasi-government fiat.

VERY well said!!!
I TOTALLY agree.

On some GFCI’s the light is on when the device is tripped, some the opposite and some have no light.

Could they make it a code that the GFCI has or does not have a light indicator.

I like the ones that have the light illuminate when the GFCI trips.

Just my thoughts.

David: This type of suggestion should be directed to the product manufacturer and NEMA. A proposal for a revision to some rule could include the recommendation in the substantiation.

Greg and Speedy, you can develop a proposal for anything that you want to see changed, or deleted, and see what the committees say.

Have you been involved in this process in the past? :slight_smile:

I have a piece of the “LED lights in closets” change (accepted in principle)

Joe, I want to see the whole process stretched out to something like a 10 year cycle. That way we have plenty of time to look at the changes before they get into the code and just maybe we won’t have all the problems with things that blind side people and have to change again the next cycle.

I do not like any regulation in the low voltage low current area

Cat 3 and 5, Phone etc.

Grounding area needs to be change

Backfeeding the power grid should be better addressed

Joe just my thoughts based most of all on my lack of knowledge


How about a clarification on 410.16 involving CFL’s in a ceiling socket that is within 12 inches of the storage space.