NEC Code- Update Classes

Hey Guys,

Not sure it is of any interest to the HI’s out their unless you do a bit of new home inspections and would like to know whats the latest and most important changes to the NEC from each cycle.

I am doing a 1999-2002 and a 2002-2005 NEC Changes class which is being designed for VA’s CE requirment starting in 2008 but I am going to be doing these all over the country in the next few months.

If anyone has a interest in getting me to your area to do a NEC Code Update class just let me know, I can get you the fee amounts and so on and it will include:

1.) 2- Days NEC Code Updates Presentation
2.) Educational Book with all important changes and examples

This is not just for electricians, however it is geared to the NEC and it’s changes from cycle to cycle, it is being done using Mr. Mike Holts material and programs ( I happen to think his stuff is the BEST ) and it might be informative to know the changes for some of you.

Anyway…just wanted to throw that out their for you if their is enough interest I also believe possibly NCT Events may be able to organize it in your area it we have a minimum of 45-50 members interested.

But again…it is CODE…but many HI’s seem to want to know more about it and to be UP on the changes…so since it started out being only to ELectricians…we are opening the DOOR to HI’s to better bridge the GAP between the two industries…

Let me know if anyone happens to be interested.

P.S. We will be offering all the following types of classes
A.) NEC 2002- Updates - 2 Day Class
B.) NEC 2005- Updates- 2 Day Class
C.) Grounding and Bonding Understanding- 2 Day Class
D.) NEC 2002 Summary Update- 1 Day Class ( Brief Version ) Fast Paced
E.) NEC 2005 SUmmary Update- 1 Day Class ( Brief Version ) Fast Paced

All classes include the lesson books and test as part of the class.

P.S…yeah Mr. Decker…as a union electrician up your way would say…" Eh…It’s Code"