GFCI requirements

For ther electrical experts. I inspected a home today that was built in 2006. No GFCI outlets - kitchen, baths, garage, outside. My chart shows every location above, should have had GFCI since 1993.
I’m even thinking there should have been AFCIs in the bed rooms. Where can I get a NEC chart showing the dates. I’ve got one compiled by Norm Sage & Jerry Peck 2003 which should be good. But thought I’d check in with you folks.
Thank you!!

No matter when the home was built I recommend GFCIs in the approriate locations.

Why don’t you just use the NEC to illustrate your point. A “homemade” chart doesn’t carry weight.

Same as Michael.

It’s not a home made chart. Is there a NEC chart stating the years the different changes were made to the GFCI requirements. I just wanted to make sure the chart I had was correct. If I could attach it I would show it to you could I sned it to your e-mail

NEC GFCI requirements (and effective date):
 Underwater pool lighting (since 1968
 Receptacles:
o Outdoors (since 1973)
o Bathrooms (since 1975)
o Garages (since 1978
o Kitchens (since 1987)
o Crawl spaces and unfinished basements
o Wet bar sinks (since 1993)
o Laundry and utility sinks (since 2005)

To make matters worse, not all areas adopt the current NEC at the same time.

Sometimes it years after being issued.

I never understood why an inspector would bury himself in uneeded details about when certain code requirements were in force.

It just puts you in a lose lose situation.

I don’t understand either Mike.

I don’t see how a house built in 2006 cannot have any GFCI protection.

Uh I have seen a house where all the grounds were cut off as they were entering the main panel. Its not hard to believe a builder did not install any gfci

Recommend upgrade to modern standards, at least with GFI protection. Don’t be concerned with what year it was implied. As mentioned different municipalities use different years of code. Afci was first required in 2002 I believe.

Your chart is accurate Tim, but you first need to determine what year of the NEC your area has adopted…

I had a 2006 without GFCIs the other day. This is in (No Code) rural Missouri which is common.

May be they have GFCI breakers to protect the circuits.

You already have what you need.

GFCI dates.pdf (10.5 KB)

Something I had in the files.

Sorry only goes to 2002…but it comes in handy

I know it’s been posted here before but here it is again. Compliments of Mr. Peck.


Sorry Russell. Should have opened your attachment before sending mine. Same thing except for it goes to 2005.


How to recognize a soft home inspection report.

Jim why were you pointing out good findings to Millie White. That’s stepping into the soft zone isn’t it?:stuck_out_tongue:

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