Do you know whats under the slab of your home?

Interesting find today. Had a garage turned into living space, and there was an additional room in the back. The room was about 15x15, and the added a bath. Got under the crawlspace and discovered the entire slab for this room was being suported by the foundation walls, with nothing in the middle.

The dirt had settled around 4 inches. I could see all the way across to the block on the other side. :shock:
They had dug out some for the plumbing in one corner, but the rest was just open space.


Your getting too pickey. Properly compacting the soil and then having the compaction tested probably would have added $500 to the cost of that building. Maybe it is a new type of concrete that has tensil strength? Or maybe they did a reinforced steel mat with #5 bars 12" o.c. each way? LOL

Mark i hope he listens to you. They will tar and feather the boy soon

Can you believe it Sean probably wrote that up as a deficiency when he could have listed it as a added feature " Additional storage not identified in the MLS listing"

I know Mark
Plus every one knows In Tn thats where the dog goes .

Stuctural slab with possibility of a root cellar?:mrgreen:

That is a good one Sean. Don’t see those everyday. :slight_smile: