Structural Engineer Approved!

Floor structure evaluated by a structural engineer. He approved the existing “supporting columns”! Even the real estate agent questioned his approval.

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He moved from Tn to up there lol

Good morning Wayne.

Hope that engineer don’t move any further North. :mrgreen::wink:

LOL well do not send him back, you should see some of things we get to see.
BTW Good Morning , We old guys sure get up early lol

Pinched nerve in my back sending 240 volts out of my knee. Been up since 1:30.
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Keep an eye out for Structural engineers like above. :wink:

Have a good day Wayne and hope all is well.

Got 3-4 of his cousins in KC.

Just proves that over 50% of all engineers graduated in the bottom half of their class.

I do not know what is more surpising is the engineer approved this or the real estate agent questioned it. Sad but true.

I’d like to see some quotes from his report confirming he “approved” that foundation support.

He was a Jenga Engineer.

Did the engineer look like this?


They may look funny to you but nobody in Tennessee is gonna put their hound dog at risk by not having a properly supported front porch. :wink:

I am trying to obtain a copy of the engineering report, should have it later this week. My report recommended an engineering evaluation due to sagging floor joists, not for the crazy supports. That was an easy call to make. It was obvious that additional structural support is needed, even the seller must have realized the problem, unfortunately his “fix” is not the answer. Of course, what do I know, a home inspector without an engineering degree!

It’s possible someone whom the Engineer trusted sent a “statement” indicating a different situation than what is actually there… And he based his findings from that, at least you hope that it was a case of poor judgement rather than approving what is there. Ugh

Your probably right Tim. I can’t believe even an engineer fresh out of school would not know better than than. Hell, even a typical framing contractor would know better. :slight_smile:

Without knowing all the facts or the spans of the joists, it looks like the girder is simply used to reduce the deflection in the floor system which if that is the case would make the issue a moot point thereby the SE simply approving of this set up.

Steven you need to take a vacation. We don’t have hound doges here, just what ever mutt you can round up. My neighbors down the road have so many in their front yard it has no grass. The dogs are like some of the people, ugly and inbred

A structural engineer is responsible for the design and evaluation of anything that supports or carries a load. The role of a structural engineer can be divided into two primary areas, buildings and non-building structures or devices.

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