hmm, another homeowner was told to mudjack slabs and doing that would supposedly.....

…keep water out of his basement… NONSENSE! Homeowner is out $500-700 for the stupid recommendation to mudjack slabs. Was also told to caulk along the house/driveway… okie dokie.

:25… get a glimpse of what they ‘shot’ in the slabs, loool, boy… bet that cost a lot huh, cmon!
Also notice a ton of thick caulking all along the house and between all of the slab joints.

Here’s another homeowner who ‘slowed down’ the amount of water he still gets in his basement (that’s why he called my azz) by adding about 1’ of soil and sloping it away AND looolll placing wood and plexiglass against his house… did all this crap FIX, SOLVE his stinky leaky basement? duh, nooooo.

Follow up videos of what was OPEN underneath the mudjacked/raised concrete

exterior corner crack,

openings/gaps underneath basement window and under the side door ledge

inside the basement, no visible crack on inside block wall… so for the nth time, just because a homeowner or a home inspector or city inspector, realtor etc does NOT see ANY visible cracks on an interior block wall does not EVER mean there aren’t 1++ exterior cracks in the wall or just above a wall, underneath concrete, just below grade etc

Yet again, did mudjacking the concrete slabs a) correctly identify HOW the water was getting in the basement? Nope … b) did mudjacking the slabs repair/waterproof ANY of the exterior openings aka defects? huh? loooooooooooooooooooooll Nope.

Oh yeah, 1 more note, the homeowner kind-of wanted to ‘do’ more footage on the drive side… I asked him if he ever leaked in the basement along the rest of the drive side, he said no. I told him, i’ll dig from here to China for you, no problem BUTT, if you have never leaked further down the drive side then, I would NOT do anything more than necessary. Inside system companies AUTOMATICALLY talk homeowners into much more footage than necessary, all day every day, damn skippy ythey do.

Home inspector here and former builder apparently… that’s nice. All due respect, except on THIS subject.
Lots of CRAP in his article on leaky basements in my HONEST experienced opinion

Right off duh bat he claims, ‘homeowners can correct MOST leaking basements inexpensively’. hahaaaahahahaaaa Oh yeah? Ok, must be true if a HI and former builder says so.

If you read some of this one will see HE says, he incorrectly assumes most leaky basements can be ‘FIXED’ by either raising and sloping the grade or mudjacking, splashblocks etc etc, NONSENSE, bllllshtttt, incompetent crap by a NON EXPERT on…THIS subject. Jeezzzzzus

Look at my stinking videos and thousands of photos of leaky basements…and THINK if ya can. loool

You need to, LON needs to, find/identify/determine WHY–WHERE-HOW any basement leaks BEFORE recommending ANYTHING, especially all this crap/in article.

When basements leak (as in videos above) because there are 1+ exterior cracks in basement wall, and often other exterior openings (as in the same videos above) then how the holy hlll does mudjacking slabs or raising the grade or a splashblock or new gutters repair/waterproof any exterior crack (existing defect) in walls or ABOVE a basement wall!!

His article and thousands of other articles just like his, are mostly filled with incompetent bullshttt.

I’ll happily help any homeowner FIND their stinky azz problem, for free and it will have NOTHING to do with raising the grade or mudjacking or splashblocks!!!

Too many non experts have and continue to not only bullllshtt themselves but sadly bulllshttt unknowing homeowners

It certainly appears the only way to shut these non experts up on this subject is to sue them for their incompetent, negligent bullshtt, yes sir.

A 5 gallon bucket of tar can fix most foundation leaks.
Got tar???

And where does one APPLY the tar? On interior basement walls as in this story/lawsuit?

Sorry, my mistake.
I meant to say that you need two 5 gallon buckets of tar, not 1.:wink:

What’s all this basement hoopla about Bub?
Just brush/roll/dip/pour baby! :mrgreen:
You know it’s da bomb.
Can make allot of $$ shmearing this crap around.

loll … TWEE?

hahahhaaaa Golden-dude! We all need that super flex seal hat… got flex?

Same house, OTHER corners… exterior corner cracks and as usual right where homeowners get water on their basement floor where the bottom of the basement wall meets the floor. NO interior basement drainage idiot system repairs/waterproofs any of these exterior cracks hence they do NOT stop further water from entering, nope.