Do you measure water temperature???

Do you measure water temperatures?

If not, here’s a reason to start from the Home Safety Council:

Leah’s Story

Always test and 90% of the time it is too hot and I write it up as a saftey hazard needs immediate repair to 120 F .
I expect most take my advice on this .
Roy Cooke RHI. CMI.CHI.

I test and write it up as well if need be.

What a heart breaking story. This is the kind of article I will include in my binder that I bring to inspections to let clients/realtor look thru to pass the time. It certainly reinforces the need to keep water temp. at a safe level.

Yes, for all the same reasons.

I was recently reprimanded by a homeowner and realtor for calling out a water heater with a water temperature in the 130 degree Fahrenheit range. They chose to call me “nit-picky” for calling attention to what they believed to be an unimportant issue. I will continue to call out water heaters with water temperatures of 121 degrees Fahrenheit and higher regardless of who may be living there.


Every report that goes out will have the domestic water temperature written up in the water heater section.

And don’t forget about those old two-handled tub faucets without the anti-scald devices. Write em’ up.

I always do and note the temp. in the report even if it is at an acceptable level. That way the client knows where the water heater is set going into the house.

Yes. When over 125 I write it up for correction. (that is what the manufacturers stickers on the water heaters say:D )

No I do not measure hot water temp, but if I see the older two handled faucets in bathtubs or showers I reccomend an update with a thermostatic mixing valve, much safer.

There are some who think that the water heater temp should be above 120 F to prevent legionaires.

I Always Check Temp

Many Times It Does Not Acheive 100 Degrees

Water Heater Too Old

Needs Replacement

CPSC Scald this goes in reports

Watts Scald]( this is info you can order free

Legionella is cover on page 3

How can you tell that the water heater needs replacement by the temperature.
I set mine to keep the water at 108 degrees . I could have just as easy set it to 100 degrees or less.
I have seen 30± year old tanks doing just fine thank you.
Roy Cooke

Where do you like to measure? Kitchen sink? Assumed farthest spout from the water heater?
And with what? IR meter?

I Guess you could say I have the cheapest meter in the World to test the Water Temperature.

My aged and calused hand. If it is too hot for my thick skin, most probably and likely, it is to hot for all the office workers. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley:

Infrared thermometer in the kitchen and at least one full bath. Someone may have messed around with the HWH dial just prior to your inspection.

Erol K.