Do you see anything wrong with the electrical system?

Quiz time. Do you see anything wrong with the electrical system?

Photo #1-maybe
Photo #2-yes
Photo#3-Looks OK from the photo.

What do you see wrong?

Other than the high-efficiency louvered cooling cover, no.

Good call Jeffrey

Did they bury the mast and SEC behind the siding, too?

My thought too.

no loop
not good access in case of fire
I couldn’t see a shut off tab for the 200 amp breaker

a little close to the window :slight_smile:

The conductors leaving the mast dip lower than the triplex. How much more of a drip loop do you need?

No good access in case of a fire. What is wrong with shutting off the main breaker? Attempting to pull a meter under load could have deadly consequences. Access to the socket would be a power company issue.

The shutoff on the main breaker even says ON. What else is needed?

My reaction to the second pic was "WHAT THE HEY!!!???

Are the drip loops actually ON the roof?

The one on the left looks as though it may well be, the other appears to be headed that way.

Does the main shut off have some heat damage to it? Without zooming in, looks like it is melted a little.

  1. Only power service drop conductors shall be permitted be attached to a service mast.
  2.  No ready access. Meter box cannot be opened.
  3.  Does not appear be a main service panel. The lay out of the breaker do not look right.

(What does the inside look like?)

1- I only see the service drop and service entrance conductors.
3- With the arrangement of the main (extra slot below) it almost appears like this is a three phase panel.

I think Eric was fishing for answers. Rather than just asking if there’s anything wrong, he titled it so that we’d pick it apart. Please correct me if I’m wrong Eric. . .

The only potential issue here is with regard to access. But it appears that the service may actually be indoors, in which case, picture #2 is no problem either.

This a very common single-phase, residential service panel.

Good call Jeff,

  • Maybe unusual (2 extra insulator) but not an issue.
  • No ready access to electric boxes, panels, etc is always an issue.
  • Electrical panels may or may not appear fine on the outside - but what is inside?

The extra insulators are probably left over from before the triplex was installed. Older overheads used to be individual conductors that landed on their own insulator.

doesn’t seem to have a drip loop and the meter is in a weird place.

The main electrical breaker does not appear to be the same type (brand) as the breakers installed below. I would look at the data plate to insure the main breaker is listed on data plate. Oh and something very basic, the main breaker is not labled MAIN SHUT OFF.