Newbies education - Easy to miss

FOR NEWBIES ONLY - Most experience home inspectors should get this easily.

Here’s a situation I see regularly, but if you don’t know what you are looking for it can be easy to miss in an inspection, and it’s DEADLY.

Inspecting the panel.

I opened up the cover and was presented with this:

What do you see and how should you report it?

Looks like a very creative electrician was playing.

OK I’ll bite, looks as if the big *** shut off on the left is not the shut off for the open panel with all the fuses in it.
Also seems that there is no dead front for the SE wires.
Could lead to assuming the power had been shut off using the switch to the left but wasn’t?
Also looks like a commercial installation - not residential

No. Try again.

Leonard you are pulling a Kevin if you are starting a new thread before finishing the first one.
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I assume the answer you are digging for is that there is no dead front to protect the homeowner from the wiring in the event that they have to change a fuse.

Personally he is not being attacked, so as I have stated before the results would have been different had the attack not occurred. Oh well it is water under the bridge.


Its inset too far into a combustible wall.

What Juan says, and it looks like a sub panel since that’s a disconnect to the left. The neutral and ground should be isolated from each other

So! Why say anything ?

:lol: Don’t let Kevin’s antics poison the well.

I think Len actually had a good question, because there’s actually a defect that can be seen in the photos. I assume he was simply referring to the missing dead-front cover.

There may be additional issues, but seeing that he titled it to attract “newbies,” I will go with the most obvious defect.

Isn’t that the dead front cover that’s hinged in the open position?

The hinged cover is the “exterior cover.” The “dead front” is the interior cover that covers the internal components, while making safe access to breakers/fuses possible.

Now you are spoiling the well Jeff.-X

A lot of the old cut out boxes such as the one pictured had no internal panel cover, when opened all that was there is what you see

understood, but it doesn’t appear the one in the pic is designed for a separate dead front. I’ve seen these but never called them out as long as they could close and latch. Is it a defect since there’s no “missing” dead front?

I can see how a person can be shocked (or worse) by trying to replace one of those fuses in the dark.

The Internal plate is missing.

You ain’t a newbie !
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Thing is neither is Jeffrey! It sure is hard to resist. LOL

Agreed, and this is especially true with fused panels.