Do you test the fire sprinkler system?

On a residential home inspection, do you inspect and test the fire sprinkler system? There is no requirement in California for formal testing of residential systems. It’s recommended that the homeowner perform some basic testing and evaluation of the system.
So, do you test or disclaim?

I hope you mean just running water through it and out the end drain lol, course a lighter under a head would be a good test

I recommend you read this before you get involved with testing .

No need to disclaim it. Drenching the home in water is something home inspectors don’t do as per

Certainly not, do not even consider doing so without specialized training and all of that is way outside the scope of a home inspection.
You can advise the homeowner to have a sprinkler firm inspect periodically.

3.6 IV C.

Yes I test each system by not lighting a fire.

If the system does not respond to the unlit fire I make a note in the report

“Fire Alarm System did not respond to lack of Fire, system working as intended.”

Then I either document the lack of fire with a Flir C2/C3 or a really long video, and move on.

I will be offering an ASNTC Level 1 course by Telekinetic conference call later this month for any interested parties. Don’t worry I will know. :wink:

Big fat noooo! I do however note that it is there and not included in the inspection and recommend regular service by a licensed fire suppression system professional. However, if you want to test it… a solid tap with a hammer on one of the heads would be effectiveor one of those grill lighters would probably work well:p
I saw a guy break one on a lift in super walmart toward the back of the store once, before they could get the water shut off it was flowing out the front doors.

NEVER test is outside of scope and I am not licensed to do install or testing. I’m sure if you ask your insurance they will choke. I have a comment about not testing and recommending contacting a licensed service or their local fire department for further guidance.

I’m actually shocked that you would ask that question Rotte, to be quiet frank :frowning:

Perhaps Frank is looking to add this to his services. In terms of commercial inspections, many clients opt to have the fire alarm, fire sprinkler and/or life safety equipment evaluated. We charge a fee accordingly.

BTW, that was a nice little starter education video that Fire Marshal put together.

So, obviously if your State or associations SoP doesn’t include fire equipment in the home inspection, I’d make it a stand alone service for an additional fee.