What do you know about residential fire sprinkler systems?

Do you know how to advise the homeowner? Read my blog on the do’s and don’ts of fire sprinkler systems.
Know your system

Cool I will read it. Thanks for the info.

You’re welcome Michael. Many inspectors know nothing about residential fire sprinklers.

Frank - Good info. I’m not completely familiar with residential systems, but know a bit about commercial ones. Are there no requirements for back flow prevention devices on a residential system? I’m going to assume there is and some if not all municipalities probably want annual testing.

There is no testing required by any jurisdiction in California as far as I know. I have a system in my own home, and there is no backflow device. After your final inspection upon installation, there is nothing else required. It is “recommended” by Cal-Fire that the homeowner test the system on a monthly basis. It requires no license or certification in California to “inspect” or perform the homeowner recommended system check. It’s pretty basic, so I offer it with my standard home inspection. As far as I know nobody else is doing this. Fire sprinkler systems are required in most newer homes.