Do you think Doug is a Good Instructor?

If the majority says yes I don’t think there is an issue if he has done a mold inspection or not. He is an instructor not an inspector.

Mr. Doug Caprio is a excellent instructor,and I have no Idea why a member of NACHI is questioning his abilities.

On a personal level I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Caprio both in Barrie and Vegas and he is in my opinion a class act.

I do know as I asked the question , so what .
I live in Canada and can not skate but I sure can tell if you can skate
I have taken two CMHC MOULD courses with scientists they had never even been on an home Inspection. I have taken a course with Dr John Shane and also Doug and they too have never been on a home inspection .
I have seen many home Inspectors who make their living at home inspections . In my openion some should be selling tools. I was impressed with all the instructors and yes they too did not always agree with what each other said .

Roy Cooke

No, Doug isn’t a good instructor. He’s a great instructor! He actually makes mold intersting. We (Great Lakes NACHI) recently sponsored a class that Doug did. The response from the entire group was very positive. I never thought I’d say this about a mold class but, I’m looking forward to our next series of classes with Doug in a month or so.

I had the opportunity to meet Doug and attend a training session. He is a dynamic speaker and makes the class fun–always a plus. The thing about Doug is he brings things to the practical level, which is ideal because as home inspectors that is what we need–instruction on practical issues and not a longwinded theory and various applications thereof. That, IMHO makes Doug an excellent instructor.