Do you think your neighbor's insurance does not affect you?

Now let’s look at some numbers:

Number of housing units in Florida (2010 data): 8,852,754
Average annual premium (generous estimate?) $1,000
Assessments: FHCF Regular – 6 %
FHCF Emergency – 1.3%
Citizens Emergency – 1.4%

Annual Citizens Emergency revenue: $123,938,556
Annual FHCF revenue - $646,251,042

Now add: Auto Assessments FHCF – 1.3%
Number of registered vehicles: 14,730,000
Average annual premium: $1476
Annual additional revenue for FHCF: 282,668,700

FHCF revenue from 2006-2011 $4,644,598,710
Citizens revenue from 2006-2011 (Assesments only) $619,692,780
Plus revenue from policies…

My question is - How long must we hear the insurance industry whine that they are not getting enough???

Not that I am defending anyone, do you have statistics on the re-insurance market, and what about yearly claims or expenses? Most experts agree Citizens does not have enough in reserves. If money is so easy to make in the insurance industry in Florida, why is there not companies clamoring to come to Florida?

Its a thing called fraud


maybe instead of making homes stronger and increasing costs, mandating outrageous impact fees, over specified septic tank sizes, building permit fees, energy code and all of the other associated government fees which make the average home unaffordable, we should allow people to construct a dwelling for their purpose at a cost they can afford. Everything is hyperventilated: code, insurance valuations, taxes. I honestly do not see how any person or entity will survive long term. Floridians can’t afford the home to begin with let alone the taxes and increasing utility and insurance expense. Insurers can’t afford big storm events based on premium collection within Florida alone (since they won’t spread the risk pool anymore).

Need to revert entire system back to 1950’s standards. Like WalMart, rollback everything and reset the clock. It’s all a house of cards.

It’s all B. S. as I was born and raised in Miami over 50 yrs ago, we have gone thru bad *** hurricanes and many homes which do not qualify for any discounts have never filed claims. Pull down your pants and say ok Mr insurance lobbist your numbers are correct. Statistics are/can be manipulated to prove anything. Fight for the what is right…