Do you use "building" to describe/refer to the "house"

in your reports? why not?

from webster:
Definition of building
a usually roofed and walled structure built for permanent use (as for a dwelling)

I always use the word “home.” Home has a more friendly tone than the more clinical sounding “building.” They’re not buying a ware-house (unless its a commercial inspection, and they might be); a home is where the client can raise a family.

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If it’s commercial I use building or structure . If it’s a home I use home or dwelling.
Just to keep from being redundant.

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I do the same as the two guys above for the exact same reason.

“home structure”

house for residential; building for commercial

Building, structure, residence…

Jeff, I like “building”. Do you use it in your residential reports? ever had an issue?

I use it in almost every report and 95% of my inspections are residential. I’ve never had anyone question or challenge it.