Do You Walk Chimneys?

Lot of conversations recently about walking roofs … The real question is do you babies walk chimneys.

My policy is and always has been if my assistants can get up there we go.

The question is … Do you guys go on up OR just say NOT VISIBLE and wig out on your customer.

2 posts…now you are just trying to show off.
Why is that stick up your…

Excellent Dan. :smiley:

Were you following me yesterday?

This is just before the flock of bats swarm him. :shock:

I’ll walk on pretty much every roof, it gives me a better view if things and I will look down chimneys, but I will not climb one to view down one, not thinking so

When safe and accessible, of course…

I always send in my enforcer to do the dirty work. WETT certified chimney sweep.:smiley:

Come on guys … This why in KC many companies hire firemen as inspectors (24 / on and 48 / off and not babies on height issues).

As a Captain i never sent my firefighters to sit on a chimney never

Wayne -

Never / Ever??

Excuse my ignorance but is there really that much you can see from the top that you wouldn’t see from looking through the bottom? I look down when i can but I have a family and I’m not getting that high if i don’t have to.

And that is a good reason to recommend a level II inspection for all solid fuel burning appliances. :smiley:

And I never lost a home.
Many chimney fires.

Michael. Thank you very much for that link. I have never inspected a chimney that did not need to be cleaned and reevaluated. I can now quote the CSIA and how they recommend all chimneys to have a level 2 inspection when the home is sold.

“My policy is and always has been if my assistants can get up there we go”

my assistants???

Just so the Canadians know we have three levels also.
Level 1 is a “SITE BASIC” Readily Accessible
Level 2 “” “” Accessible
Level 3 “” “” Conceal Accessible
So when offering a WETT Inspection for Insurance purpose it is “Site Basic” Readily accessible and when doing **Investigations **you must go with concealed accessible this is generally done after some problem is discovered with the installation.

Are you kidding me? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m a consultant, not an idiot.

Gordon -

“My policy is and always has been if my assistants can get up there we go”

Exactly …