Do You Get Up On Top?

Our policy is and always has been if my assistants can get up there we go. The question is … Do you go OR just wig out.

Sir …I said SIR ! that is not a public toilet.
I do not/would not do that

I do go on the roof, if I can, but not climb the chimney. Besides, this flue should have a rain cap and a spark arrestor.

Yes, If my inspections cost $10,000 each.

That looks nutty. No sir.

Would need a helicopter first to tie off to then I’m game. Maybe if I was twenty again but a 42 year old body says no!!!

Not after seeing this.
Will never put a ladder against a chimney chase again without inspecting attic framing first.

Absolutely not. I’m almost 6’6 so I’ll just stand closer to the ridge and look down on the cap from there with binos if I need them. The inside of the flue is disclaimed like always. If I can see down the flue I make it clear I can only see a portion of it and a video cam is needed to see the rest 100%.

Nope , one thing when falls over who would pay? last time i checked it wasn’t made for someone dancing on the top. lol
Brave lad .

Good point!

I’m thinking “brave” isn’t the appropriate adjective. :wink:

Do you get up on top?

Depends upon who is on the bottom.

No chimney cap, limited access, refer to professional chimney company for cleaning, scope, cap, further investigation.

That guy is just plain stupid. No safety equipment whatsoever.

I use a video/boroscope to look inside. I still disclaim that every issue may not have been seen and they may want to consult a chimney sweep with a camera.

on roof, yes if I can, but never on top of a chimney.

Thats risking your life, ah, no

On that one, I’d do as Billy suggested, get up on the ridge,
and look down to it… and use a camera pole,
which extends to 12 feet or more…extended out to the chimney,
facing down in,
I can put my digital camera on it, set to a timed picture snap,
put it where I can’t reach, and lo and behold…
I can see, what I couldn’t get to…

You guys response’s is why I tell all potential clients … “We charge more, but thats why you need an Inspector with 25 years or more of home inspecting experience rather than a new guy … We do a butt load more”.

The newbies claim to walk all roofs BUT do they walk ALL chimneys.

Experience has Nothing to due with photo you posted.

Dan do not take this personally but i think you would need to be a nut job to stand on top of a chimney and your clients would not ever expect that , The liability’s are to great and if i was the home owner coming Home to see that you would answering many questions and i better not have any problems later with that chimney. BTW when one of your helpers fall’s off i hope you have all records of safety training and insurance. so how much do you charge more than others? and is it really worth it?

I beleive I am still considered a newbie around here so I will answer to this post. I spent 25 years framing home and commercial buildings. I have done some crazy stuff in my time but would never do that. I was building a 4 story senior complex once and we needed to fireguard the top plates before the trusses went on. Had to walk every plate backwards painting it on. 45 foot drop to the ground. and that wasn’t have as stupid as crawling onto a brick chimney to look down a flue that you will have to disclaim cause you can’t see it all. What ever floats your boat but count me out. You may look a little dumb when your client has to call 911 and a different inspector cause your a puddle on the ground. I take safety very seriously since I saw a fall off a roof and break his back. He was ok in the end but still unnerving watching it happen.

Okay, seriously… Was this post started on April 1st? I’ve seen and heard a lot of inspectors puff their chest up as they describe their services and experience, but this one takes the cake.

After 25 years a home inspector should know better than to try and imitate Batman. :shock: