Does anyone have anything to announce to FL members? Snail mail about to go out to..

We’re about to send out a snail mail letter via USPS to all Florida members of InterNACHI. If you have anything you want to announce (to your fellow InterNACHI members) in the mailing, email me at and I’ll include it.

This mailing also has a shipping discount card from UPS. We’ve partnered with UPS to save members money. If you can’t wait for the card to come in the mail, sign up here:

Hello, would you please mention my new website and suggest members go to the forum page and register.
This is the forum link the main page explains the idea. The site will change continually as I learn more about programing .
I am not making any money on this and am just trying to get folks to eat and share local food. I donate all my time and have spent around $400 trying to get it up and going. Thanks in advance.

I would love any help I can get on this from anyone. If you want your state included just let me know and I will put it there. I am up for just about anything I can program and all ideas would be appreciated.

This is my attempt at making the world a little better than it was when I arrived.