Snailmail reminder sent out first class to all FL InterNACHI members regarding...

… our many upcoming events in

It is a beautiful thought Nick, but you can save a tree and the postage for me! Keep up the good work. See you in Melbourne

Thanks Nick!!!

Awwwwww, thanks Nick. Like I always said Nick, you the best!

It’s gonna be a long drive to Melbourne…
But I’m sure it’ll be worth it!
Thanks, Nick

We found out Citizens will not be at the meeting. As I work on the agenda for Friday, what would everyone like to see? Saturday, will be politics, including Florida Insurance Inspectors Chapter board elections, who would you like to nominate, who would like to run and what direction would you like to go in?

Hello Everyone,

What seats are open?

Hey Manny. When we have our meeting in January ALL seats will be available for Board Members of our Chapter. President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Education Etc. If your interested I can message you with details.

Did anyone get the snailmail?

Yes Nick I Did


Yepper Nick got it…what is that white powder in mine? I have been feeling a little Flu like…Hmmmmm

Haven’t received ours yet… I am sure it will come tomorrow :o)

I got mine, thanks Nick

Someone must of steped on my snail…
Haven’t received the mail yet.