Does anyone know of anything that would prevent me from giving away a gun on this mb?

I have some guns I’d like to give away as

Then give them to me…problem solved!:mrgreen:

Call Fedex and see what they say about shipping.
You may need a dealer license or be required to follow the same rules as they do for interstate owner transfer. Seems risky to me but go ahead and send me one and we will see how it goes.

Might as well test UPS as well… my address on file. :smiley:

Depends, if its a thermal imaging gun, I’m in :wink:

how about a combo…
Free gun and free class at InterNACHI headquarters…
cut out the middle man:mrgreen:

I would Love another gun! Hit me…

Testing, testing. I am willing to take the test Nick.:smiley:

What kind of guns???

If the gun is legal in the state and county where it is shipped, there are generally no real hang-ups - except (of course) in CA, and even more so in Los Angeles County. Here, the transfer has to be facilitated through a state-licensed fire-arms dealer.

Short answer… Giving a gun to someone who lives out
of state may not be wise. You sure don’t want to mail it. I am
not an attorney and this is only my crude attempt to give an

Shoot the guy that came up with that law ;-), Just kidding!!!

Transferring firearms interstate is perfectly legal providing the transfer goes through an ffl, both at the sellers side and buyer side. the recipient must pass a FBI background check in order for the transfer to take place. With that eing said, send me everything you getting rid of please.

Desert Eagle would be nice:D

Contact the Nearest dealer to you if you are going to purchase the firearm as a give away they would most likely handle all of the terms needed to transfer ownership and transportation as part of the deal, just a thought

I can’t comment on sending guns through the mail in the United States, however, should you send them to Canada it is probable that Canada Post will either lose them altogether or send them to the wrong address. Either way you will get a visit from several very large men wearing Red Serge and Stetsons, riding horses in perfect formation and armed with a long lance and a service revolver. Be prepared for a very stern talking to !

Squirt Guns?

There is a 10 day waiting list to purchase a firearm unless you have a concealed carry permit. I have my permit.

Agreed, that is also my understanding, a mate of mine is a dealer/collector in New England, he can transport and sell firearms across state lines based on his Federal Firearms License (FFL).


LOL :mrgreen: