Carrying Concealed Weapon - CCW Permits - Any Home Inspectors have them in California

Hi Guys,
I was wondering if any of you in California, (other states are more liberal and easy to get) have a CCW permit for carrying a concealed firearm. I was thinking since most of us go into unfamiliar neighborhoods, often bad areas… if you have applied and been issued based on this Good Cause…

Let me know.

Have thought about it, but I haven’t tried to get one yet. I know they are difficult to get, but if you know someone in the local police or sheriff’s dept. you might get lucky. A realtor was attacked at an open house here a couple of years ago, and beaten to within an inch of his life, so I know it can be dangerous out there.
I carry a stun gun (300,000 volts) in my pocket, but being able to pack my 9mm or 357 would give me more peace of mind.

In most States, the stun gun is considered a weapon as well and requires the CCW license just as the gun would. Most folks, including myself do not think of it as a weapon but in the hands of a prep it can be used very effectively to render their victims helpless. Florida has a CCW license law with a fairly simply process, not to be confused with an “easy” process. They don’ just hand them out. You have to attend classes to learn how to use a weapon, fingerprinting, and an application, which precludes felons and others just waltzing in and getting a weapon. That hasn’t stopped crooks from owning guns as they are not inclined to obey the laws in the first place. All the more reason for good citizens to have some sort of protection. If you are ex military a DD214 can be submitted in lieu of the classroom training, although I knew people in the Navy who never held a gun in their hands and could not hit the ground with their hat. I had to qualify every year but not everyone does. It is a personal but very important choice. I would not even carry one unless I was mentally prepared to use it.

Note: not a Californian. However…

If I had one, I wouldn’t advertise it. If I didn’t have one, I definitely wouldn’t advertise it.

Being in some foreclosed houses, in neighborhoods that are looking ‘depressed’ I can see why a person might want to be armed. I’ve been a volunteer refurbishing/building houses in our local war-zone, Allentown, Pa, for years. So a person carrying 1000’s in equipment can be a mark. Be careful.


If you want a good deterent without having to carry a piece, go to one of those police supply stores and buy you a patrolmans belt. i wore one when I was a phone repairman, in the roughest area’s of Atlanta. Some of the store owners used to tell routy customers, they were going to get me to haul their butt’s to jail. It was funny watching them clear out when they saw me coming. Sometimes for good measure I would strap on my pistol.

Exactly, this is why I keep a pissed off chiwawa in my tool bag. Any trouble I toss it, and run.


California is such a screwed up State when it comes to gun laws. FACT: States with less restrictive gun laws actually have lower crime rates… Look at Texas and Arizona, they are great examples.

I have one but never carry it on a job. CCW Permits cover any kind of weapon you can think of. I think if a customer saw I had a gun with me it would scare them or worse, if their child happened to get hands on it the worst case senario would happen. Don’t think of carrying one with you. If you are approched just give them the money or anything else. If the area is that bad don’t go. I believe if the agent goes there I go there. But I never carry on the job. Probally could’nt get it out before they shot me because they are already going to have the drop on you, and are you going to shoot some kid in the back running away over a few dollars anyway.

Good points…

When in a bad neighborhood, let the agent arrive first. Just cruise the block until the house is opened, then make a mad dash inside. If they take down the agent, that’s just less donuts you have to buy. Or more for you to pig out on. You’ve gotta think outside the box.:wink:

If your State issues CCW’s, it’s my feeling that you should get some training and take advantage of it. We all go into forclosures where there may be squatters, or worse. Bad neighborhoods, aggressive animals, there could be any number of situations where you may need to defend yourself. Hopefully the occasion will never present itself, but I am ready if it does.
Of course, I may be biased. In addition to being an Inspector, I’m an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor.
Be safe guys.

Texas test

  1. In Texas its against the law if you do not have a hand gun in your car.

  2. In Texas its against the law to display your license in public.

  3. In Texas you can have a loaded handgun concealed in your car without a license

  4. In Texas if a cop runs your plate and you have a handgun license you can be hassled more than someone who does not have a license and has a handgun in their car.

  5. In Texas you can shoot someone running away from you if they are carrying stolen items that belong to you.

  6. Many women Realtors in Texas carry a hand gun.


  1. False, but be careful most people do.
  2. True
  3. True, just cannot carry it concealed
  4. True, some counties hate hand gun license holders and will hassle them. You MUST tell the officer you are licensed when they pull you over. On the other hand if your not licensed the cop will never know you have a concealed weapon the car with a license check.
  5. True. It does not have to be a break and enter into your home. Already happened. Man was breaking into an outside store room; owner walked up and shot him.
  6. Better believe it. Gives a whole new meaning to “deal killer”

Do I carry in bad neighborhoods? Hell no . . . I won’t go to a bad neighborhood. I do carry a stun baton for dogs. Had to sling it twice in 10 years; never used it.

I like to start my inspections by kicking in the front door and throwing a flash/ bang gernade inside, then I yell home inspector. The realtors never give me any sh#*

Kind of hard to say, as only Illinois and Wisconsin (and DC) still have extremely restrictive laws,. As it happens Texas, Arizona (shall issue) and California (may issue) have quite similiar rates of voilent crime, while Wisconsin’s is much lower and Ilinois is a bit higher:

Violent crime per 100000:

    North Dakota   98.2

Maine 112.2
Vermont 119.7
New Hampshire 132.0
South Dakota 175.7
Utah 227.2
Wyoming 230.1
Wisconsin 241.5
Rhode Island 251.2
Hawaii 255.1
Idaho 256.8
Kentucky 266.8
West Virginia 272.8
Connecticut 274.5
Mississippi 278.4
Montana 281.5
Virginia 282.8
Oregon 286.8
Nebraska 287.0
Iowa 291.3
Minnesota 297.0
Indiana 323.7
Washington 345.8
Ohio 351.3
New Jersey 354.7
Kansas 387.4
Colorado 396.5
Pennsylvania 424.5
Alabama 431.7
New York 445.8
Georgia 448.9
Massachusetts 456.9
North Carolina 468.1
Oklahoma 508.6
**Arizona 513.2 **
Missouri 525.4
** California 526.3 **
Arkansas 527.5
**Texas 529.7 **
Illinois 551.5
Michigan 552.1
Louisiana 594.4
Nevada 606.8
Alaska 631.9
Delaware 632.1
New Mexico 702.2
Maryland 703.0
Florida 708.0
Tennessee 752.8
South Carolina 761.1
District of Columbia 1459.0

I live in IL, don’t know if I would bother to get a CC permit if the law here changed or not (I don’t currently own a handgun, though I have in the past) - I do inspect in some pretty rough parts of Chicago, but if I was really that concerned about my safety, I should probably quit inspecting in those areas, period.

If they got as big as Great Danes, man would be extinct.:smiley: :smiley: P.S. I wouldn’t run, rather watch. :wink:

Senor Meester Dietrich…I must eensist that you learn to spell the American whay…it ees "chi-hua-hua’. Now, go seat in de corner. :mrgreen:

That’s my policy. To knowingly put yourself in a dangerous situation is not worth anything. I’ve buried ‘tough guy’ friends…

You guys are lucky. Because the old days of living in the hood and watching your surroundings are gone around here. Neighborhoods here don’t discriminate, I don’t care if it’s a $500k home in a gated community or a $40k ghetto house, the violence is the same anymore.

So the ‘bad-neighborhood’ idea is gone?

BTW, if a child gets hold of your tool bag’s screwdriver, which is more likely than a safely carried defensive weapon, you are ‘screwed’. So being unsafe at anytime with children around, the weapon that should be removed is the one between your legs. Society would be safer.

Oh having been in situations where my like was at stake, robber’s don’t tell you first that they want your money. So you giving it up is his first priority. Third is getting away clean. To do third, he makes his second no living witnesses. So face with dying at someone’s hands, it only makes sense being armed with equipment, and how to safely, effectively us it. So just saying… guess you can figure it out. :wink:


I assume you meant that as a joke, and not a slight.:wink:
It’s none of my business if you choose not to defend yourself, same as it’s none of yours if I choose to exercise my right to take care of my own business.
A lot of Agents carry, especially women, and with good reason.