Does anyone know what this is and if it is a concern?

One side of the buss bar has 2 60 amp that are tied together, 2 heavy gage AL round bars connecting to 2 30 amp that are tied together on the other buss bar. There is 220 #8 CU Romes leaving the breaker. I have not been able to find any info. on this configuration, can anyone please help? Thanks, Karl.


That may be a split bus panel but being FPE the breakers won’t trip anyway so who cares how it is connected :wink:

A split buss FPE panel with double taps! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

What Blain said.

That is a split-buss panel. The top 8 spaces (four 2-pole breakers) are the mains.
The 2p60 is not feeding just the 2p30. It is feeding the whole lower half of the panel.

The double taps were already noted, I have already called for eval by licenced electrician for 1 exposed hot and 2 exposed cold wires in the panel and double taps, should I call out the split buss or let it ride as is? thank you to all for assistance. Karl

As far as the panel goes it is fine being a split-buss. They were very typical in their day. Nothing wrong with them.
The fact that it is a FPE panel is an issue though. You may want to call it out as a recommended upgrade later.

Thanks again, I knew about zinsco, not fpe. Thanks for the website I will call out like zinsco. Karl

Are there other makes of panel with warning websites that I should be aware of? Karl

It doesn’t need to be “further evaluated”. IT needs to be Repaired!

I would give the information about the FPE panel to the client but then have it evaluated by an electrical contractor.

Many multiple taps and it appears the panel is set back into a combustible wall ( plywood) so a FPE and a Combustible wall board probably does not mix well anyway…lol…new panels would need to be FLUSH with no setback since the wall it is inside is wood…but thats when they upgrade or if they have to upgrade.

Also they do make new approved FPE breakers…for replacements so if at the least you make sure they are aware of that…as a minimum option as well…but in all cases defer it to be evaluated.