What the heck?

Someone please explain this to me!?:shock:

FPE Panel ?

Yes of course, but is that how the breaker is connected to the bus bar?

numerous previous discussions on all MB
fpe split bus
split bus panel

simple split bus, as Barry said

It came from the manufacturer like that. It’s a split-bus FPE Stab-lok panel.

Yep what the others said Sorry i left early

Wow. It was strange when I saw it - first time. My reaction was exactly the title of this thread. I have seen other FP panels, but none like this. I didn’t make a big issue of it at the time with the buyer, as I reserved my comments for the report (pending comments from others of course). Besides the fact it was an FP panel, also had aluminum wiring and other issues. Easy referral to electrician. Thanks for the comments.