Need some education on this panel

Sorry the pic is sideways. I can not figure out why that happened. Anyway I am stumped. I cant figure out why there are 2 70 amp breakers connected to each other. I have seen my share of split bus panels but this does not look like anything I have ever seen before. The bus bars look like they are one piece. From what I can see the SEC feeds both sides of the panel. Why the 70 amp double pole breakers?


They wired it like a split bus, but it doesn’t appear to be one.

Lol yeah thats what I think as well. I know it has many other issues as well like no main shut off and extensive corrosion.

I am not sure what the best way to write this up is. Any advise?

Picture turned

It does look like it’s supposed to be a split bus panel.

Thanks Roy! Robert I understand what you are saying however I do not see were the bus is split?

Sorry I edited my post after I noticed that Roy had fixed the sideways photo. You cannot tell what it is unless you remove some of the circuit breakers to see the bus configuration. A split bus would have three 2-pole slots on each side.

Aluminum wiring

Correct me if I am wrong however I only see stranded aluminum wiring.

If it were a split bus, the lower 70A breaker would still be on the upper bus.The bus appears to be continuous between the two 70s.

I would characterize it it as atypical and then describe what I see. This is one of those instances where I would recommend further evaluation by a… I would also document any other observed defects.

Thank Chuck I agree it does not look right.

Do you have a photo of the label on the inside of the cover?

Robert the spec label was missing. All that was there was a small label with the brand which was Bryant.

Very strange setup. The two conductors from the top 70 amp CB are size #2 on the left and #4 on the right as they travel down next to the bus and behind the CB’s. When they emerge at the bottom the #4 is now on the left and the #2 is now on the right. I would love to see this with all of the CB’s removed.

Whoops sorry.
I thought it looked like single until I just blew it up.

:slight_smile: All good thanks anyway.