Does anyone know what's going on with

I use that on occasion to double-check oddball units. I just went there to check out an old Sear’s furnace and the site is down.:frowning:

I hope its back up soon. I use it quite frequently.

I noticed that a few days ago. The domain has expired, awaiting renewal.

Edit… I just rechecked, and the parked page is now gone. Getting a 403 error (forbidden).

I suggest you guys copy and paste from cashe.
Site is blocked by sites owner via text robots according to wayback machine

Too bad I just cleaned my hard drive over the weekend. I have no cache…:mad:

Bob can you tell me what you mean by this? Or send me a new link please*/

I can’t get onto the site either for the past week. I had it on my cell phone browser. Very handy to lookup during the inspection. I tried the link Bob posted… it does not work. I get the following message:

We’re sorry, access to* has been blocked by the site owner via robots.txt.

If anyone has another HVAC site or figures out how to get connected to this one I would like for you to contact me.

are there any other similar sites out there for quick reference?

Just found this site and of course there are the PDFs and Inspect NY.

This is something INACHI should have…should have had a long time ago.

Nick and Ben we need a HVAC age chart.

It should be in a Wiki format, so experts can make corrections when found.

Here is a new link to hisearch. I’m sorry that the domain was lost but they basically hijacked it on me by increasing their costs substantially. Idiots wanted close to $200.00 for five years and wouldn’t give me the info to transfer the site to “godaddy”. I simply said “screw-it” and let them have the domain name.

The domain company was out of Australia and was a total pain to work with.

Please make sure you bookmark the new (actually old) domain.

Hey John
Thanks,great info…and easy to use

Thanks John. Many appreciate your help. :smiley:

I hope you are well.

My thanks also John. I really appreciate the content on the site. Has helped me out of a jam a time or two.

Found it