September Web Site of the Month

Please vote and offer any constructive critiques :smiley:

That UtahIrHomeInspection site is awesome! haha

Thought you might like it. :smiley:

Comments anyone?


Hey folks… get out and rock the vote here.

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Benchmark Home Inspections… many of the navigation tabs at the top do not work. I am assuming the pages do not yet exist?

uh oh! :slight_smile:

Functional links and menus are very important for a productive website. The site looks good, but not being able to access a sample report or the “my promise” page when the menu has them listed may be a significant deterrent to prospective clients…

Thanks for checking out these sites thoroughly Jeff! Your input is VERY helpful for these polls. :slight_smile:

Good Catch Jeffrey. :smiley:

What did you like about any of the Web Sites or what are the top things you look for? :smiley:

( I purposly put all of the web pages in this area to get some more web exposure for all of the particiapnts.) :smiley:

Nice looking site
Easy navigation at the top

I feel the home page/landing page has far to much text to be an effective landing page. The length will most likely dilute search engine ranking as well as loose the initial reader rather quickly. Several sections could be placed into separate pages to clean up the landing page.
While the site is very informative and positive, a few adjustments may help with SEO… the words “northeast home inspector” will have little bearing as a search phrase in my opinion. This is prime real estate to place a better search term such as “Youngstown” or another nearby major city. I would also get the facebook like button closer to the top rather than at the very bottom of the page.

Nice work Bobby and good luck! :slight_smile:

at first appearance the site is pleasing to the eye and very clean looking.
Easy to find contact info and nice use of his personal image! However, I would include and email addy with the contact info. Some prospects prefer an email as a form of initial contact rather than phone call. Looking harder for an email address may sway them to look elsewhere.
Again key words are critical…
“Central and South Florida’s most trusted Home Inspector is Mark Tyson. Rely on Tyson Home Inspections for:”

Better keywords would be actual city names, rarely does a prospect search generically for a compass point or county over a city name.
So including city names in your links and prime key phrases inside the content would greatly assist the SEO!
Page title (meta tag) should have a city name rather than a slogan as well to assist with SEO.

Nice job Mark. Very personable site! :slight_smile:

I’ll comment on a couple more tomorrow… :slight_smile:

Beyond being one of my competition… :slight_smile:
Kevin has a really nice site with many years of presence helping SEO

The landing/home page is really nice at the top and I really like the animated header image(s)

The layout of the lading page however feels cramped to me and is diluted with lots of text and scrolling. Again here I feel separate page links would be beneficial visually. That being said, when you click on other pages from the menu like:
the page becomes much more appealing to the eye with actual menu buttons at the left and a more open and pleasing layout.
That being said, Kevin’s SEO through keywords and age of the site seems to be working as his site pages show up on almost every conceivable search for an area home inspector that I have performed in the past!
Great job Kevin! :slight_smile:

Alfred’s landing/home page is packed full of JPG images and many of them are in the 100kb+ size range. This made the page very slow to load. The landing page is packed so full, it in fact has very little pertinent text which can greatly hinder SEO efforts.
In fact, the entire site seems to be very visually oriented with very little relevant text.
Alfred should be rightly proud of his vast accomplishments and certifications, but a separate page for the many images should be made and more effort placed into optimized text… or an effective integration of images (in limited use) with pertinent text incorporated throughout. A blog page(s) may be a more effective method to utilize some of the many images that are placed in the website.
A nice site Alfred, but I found the lack of written communication that should be compelling me (beyond your many certification images) to hire your services to be a setback. I suppose they do say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to the search engines and the ability to find your site effectively, more text would be better. :slight_smile:


I just broke the 6-6 tie.

Great sites guys!

On first view, a nice looking site.
Home page/landing page has very little written content but lots of images. For SEO again, content is king and should match or come close to relevant keywords that are listed. Simply listing a bunch of keywords is nice, but in my experience matching those keywords with written content of the page is VERY helpful and smiled upon by search engines.
The site requires scrolling to the left and right to see the entire page. This is a turn-off for me. Paying attention to screen size is important when creating a site. Checking that they view properly on different monitors is good advice.
The left side menu buttons are nice. At the bottom right is a “next” button takes me to the next page the site owner wants me to view. I was hoping this would continue and take me through more of the site, but the button doesn’t function correctly on the next page. The “mouse over” image changing is a nice feature.
Overall, very pleasing to the eye, some functionality problems, page sizing, and lack of content are a few drawbacks.

Nice job Brandon! :slight_smile:

This from a guy with a tremendous site… :smiley:

I look for the info Above the Fold, as Ben says in this article. I believe it is important to have your phone number somewhere near the top and easily read.

I added a video on my home page. Please share your thoughts.