Does anyone us grammmerly

Dos anyone use Grammarly? I am trying it out and just wondering what others are thinking about it. I need all the help writing so I figured I would give it a whirl. If you use it and have upgraded what are the advantages?

Should have used it in the title of the thread… :wink:

Thanks for the chuckle .
Made me loose it big time Char rushed in to see why I was laughing so loud.

And writing the thread. lol

At your mistake or Mike’s :wink:

That is funny as I did and it even caught it but I FORGOT to change it :slight_smile:

I guess it can only lead me to the correct spelling and will not do it for me.

The mistake was on purpose because I wanted to see if it worked in the title and it did. I just did NOT do my part and change it. I cannot blame the app for that. Just me. I made a bunch of errors just to see what it would catch. It seems to be wanting to sell me an upgrade mnore than actually being any better than regular spellcheck.

Thanks for another chuckle , Looks like I need to read my posts twice to see my errors .

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So far i am not liking the free version :frowning:

Everytime I correct something it tries to sell me something. Like they will turn me into some great linguist :slight_smile: And reacts slowly also. As I was reading what I typed something popped up with an error about something it should have caught already.