Spelling Error

Just did an inspection, spelled checked and proofed about 4 times. Sent it off to the client then while saving the report to a disk found out water softener was spelt softner. Now what. Does anyone think this will hurt my company? I haven’t gotten a phone yet about the report.

no worries, I see misspelled words in every single report I have ever read.

Just try not to use the word terminate because many people only scan the report and they will call you and ask where are the termites. I think Mike R. had this occur to him, someone told me about that the other day.

Thanks Bruce, I was stressing out a little bit.

You spelt ‘spelled’ wrong.

You mean that he spelled spell as spelled. Fifth word in post 1.

Steven -

I think the guys are holding back to save your feelings.

If I was a client OR RE agent, I wouldn’t call you / I’d just assume you were careless AND either NEVER use you again OR if I was the commissioned RE agent decide I LIKE you a lot cause you miss stuff.


“Spelt” and “Softner” jest sounds like Southernese. I wouldn’t worry bout it at tall. I jest hate all them red underlined wurds is all.

Just heard back from the client. They said being that I’m originally from NY they could understand that I spell like I talk and then they made fun of me. Could have been worse.

I youse a dicktonari soes I kan spel good!

Hop this halps; :mrgreen: