Minimal Version is back

Hey folks,

I know a lot of you have missed the minimal version of the message board. Well it’s back. At the bottom of any message board page you can choose which version you’d like to use. For those of you with smaller screens, you’ll appreciate the extra space.


Thank you very much Chris.

Now I can use all my screen.:smiley:

Ditto what Mike said :smiley:



Yippeee, now if only we had a minimal version of some of Michaels posts to go with it. :mrgreen::mrgreen:;):cool:

(hopefully with enough emoticons I won’t get dale-ed)


That is pretty minimal Michael. :cool: :mrgreen::smiley:

You disappoint Brian, i was sure you were going to say something about it being in all the newspapers…Again :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that I have a netbook , this is handy to have.

I have been zooming and scrolling to the right on occaision.

Now if only they would fix spellcheck on Chrome.

It does not interact well with this MB for me.

Chrome has known issues with spell check. I’m still working on a built-in spell checker, but it turns out that there are no good plugins for this version of vBulletin, so I’m having to write it myself. For the time being you’ll have to wait for Google to fix the bug in Chrome’s spell checker, or switch to Firefox or MSIE w/ ieSpell.


I may switch to firefox on this model.(thanks for the suggestion)

Sure—Firefox 3 has a great inline spellchecker that works with the forum (MS Word-style spell checking). Still the best browser out there, IMHO.


thank you