Does this bath setup NEED a vent fan??

I was out and about and ran across this. I was wondering if this type of bath setup NEEDS a vent fan?

It is a little close to the living room with the TV right there an all. So to direct the exhaust “gases” away I am wondering, vent fan or no vent fan, and then which way would you suggest?

Thanks for your help in advance guys and ladies… :wink:

PS… I would write up the stairs to the toilet though, it needed a HANDRAIL IMHO :wink:





Certainly doesn’t appear to be ADA compliant. . . :wink:

Be sure to check for moisture around the tub. I’m betting you will find some.

I see no window so here in ohio that bath needs a fan…

Did you check the effluvium field for that one?

Did you check to see if that stump is hollow? :mrgreen:

Someone’s bored…

If that’s a real cast iron Classic Roll Rim Clawfoot Bathtub
You may have left the price of a few inspections sitting in that field.
Were tell selling it for $10?

These are a real pain in the arse to move but well worth the investment for resale. One mans trash anothers treasure.

I wouldn’t want to be sitting there when the squirrel returned to retrieve his nuts…

very nice

Obviously the window is stuck in the open position. Id write up the window.

Where’s the hot water bidet?

now thats a throne