Am I Virginia Certified home inspector?

Of course not!

It’s a state run voluntary program that can cause poor unsuspecting home buyers to pick a horrible inspector!

You can become a certified home inspector in VA with as little as 25 inspections!

Now Jim k. would have you believe that I have claimed to be a certified home inspector in VA. Why would I do that? What would I have to gain by telling people I have completed 25 inspections. Nothing! He’s just a lying old bitter man.

So Virginia certification guarantees at least 25 inspections performed.

Here’s what I guarantee

I guarantee that we have performed hundreds of inspections.
Last year we earned 112 continuing education credits.
This year we will earn another 100.
We perform the most thorough inspections in our market
We walk on roofs to inspect them
We check for recalls and let you know how to get them repaired or replaced for free. This is a lifetime service!
All of our inspections come with a 90 day warranty. There’s no deductible!
If you get a termite inspection with us, it also comes with a 90 day warranty!
We give all of our clients a home maintenance package. It includes a move in check list, a home maintenance manual, and a list of trusted contractors.
We don’t have a limit of liability in our contract. Most inspectors in Virigina limit their liability to the fee paid for the inspection. If they miss a major issue, your are up creek without a paddle. Virginia certified home inspectors are allowed to do this! It’s insane!
Soon, we will be offering sewer line an water line protection. If your sewer clogs after you move in, we will be there to help!
We are one of the only radon testers in our area. Nearly all inspectors here use Wally from Radon Ease. The up charge to make a profit. We offer the best price in town because we do it in house!
We guarantee your satisfaction. You are hiring us for peace of mind! If you we don’t provide that for you, don’t pay us. It’s that simple. Virginia certified home inspectors aren’t required to guarantee your satisfaction.
We adhere to the NACHI SOP when inspecting your home which is better than the Virginia SOP.

We also guarantee that Jim K, a certified home inspector in VA does not provide anywhere near the service that we do!

Caveat Emptor-Buyer Beware.

Why would we voluntarily pay $25 to be able to tell people we have completed 25 inspections. We wouldn’t! We would be funding a system that by its very nature, could lead poor unsuspecting home buyers to pick a bare minimum home inspector.

Juan you are lying again. The qualifications are much more than just 25 inspections. You also have on your site that you are a certified Inspector and that there is a strict No No Kid.

The certification program established under this article shall be voluntary and shall not be construed to restrict or otherwise affect the right of any person to conduct an inspection of a residential building for any purpose; however,* no person may (i) refer to the inspection conducted as a “certified home inspection” or *(ii) hold himself out as, or use the title of “certified home inspector,” unless he has been certified in accordance with this article. Any person offering to provide or conduct a “certified home inspection” within the meaning of this chapter or through verbal claim, sign, advertisement, or letterhead representing himself as a “certified home inspector” shall be subject to the provisions of § 54.1-111](wlmailhtml:{50B094DB-8515-405A-B14D-FB96C2F2F39C}mid://00000304/!x-usc: of this title.

Spin it anyway you want but Don’t LIE to anyone her or to your clients that you are a Virginia Certified Inspector. You mention that you are a certified inspector many times on your website, that is not allowed.

Also can you prove a lie I made kid? you have said that several times now but cannot seem to probe it even once? Bring it on little guy, you may act like a big shot to some but you just barked up the wrong tree here. I have always tried being cool with you. I’ve sent you private emails with some of my business plans, tried to help you with some electrical questions, invite you and any other inspectors to come and wine and dine at our restaurants, go out on my boat. Now you call me a liar and cannot show one lie? Bad move kid.

You are probabally to young to remember the Bachman Turner Overdrive song but the title is "You Aint Senen Nothin Yet"


Both above bolded statements are easily proven lies. His comments about the Commonwealth of Virginia v=]can be verified as lies right on their website. As far as what we offer as a company be has no actual or Factual knowledge of so his comments (lies) are simply an imaginary dream of this young kid. In fact We do all that he claims to do and many other offerings.

I almost forgot to save this for the evidence. Young kid you really Fuc…ked up this time,


You are having trouble reading Jim. Where does he say he is a Virginia Certified Inspector?

This thread is getting really ugly:shock:

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This might be his time of the month. Hes all over the MB tonight.

Try reading the Virginia Guidelines.Stick to the bolded section. He has it all over his site. Just the term certified is not allowed. Any other questions> Troy this is not your battle, you have no dog in this fight and trust me brother you don’t want in.


Hey Pete, nice to see you bro. yeah this little kid just ****.ed up too many times. I can’t let this one go so no holding back this time, cant play the game with this youngster.


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The bold in quotes term is “certified home inspector” straight from the DPOR website.

I see the InterNACHI designation Certified Professional Inspector on his website.

And I don’t see any fight, just you trying to state something that isn’t there.

Show me where it says the term “certified” is not allowed.

*** no person may (i) refer to the inspection conducted as a “certified home inspection” or (ii) hold himself out as, or use the title of “certified home inspector,” unless he has been certified in accordance with this article.***

Still waiting Jim. Where does he say he is a “certified home inspector”?

Yep only VA certified home inspectors can claim to be “certified home inspectors”

You can be a VA certified home inspector with as little as 25 inspections. By the very nature of the program, unsuspecting home buyers can be misled to believing a certified home inspector is something special.

I am a proud and certified member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

We meet all of the requirements to be a certified home inspector. Anyone could which includes Jim k.

Our services are outlined above.

Anyone could see that between the choice between a certified home inspector, and me, an InterNACHI certified home inspector, the choice is simple.

Caveat emptor-Buyer beware

More Lies. Have you ever actually seen the VA requirements? It is more that just 25 inspections, so stop lying little kid.


You try reading the guidelines, that’s not what it says. You making stuff up now Jim?

Jim you appear to be obese. Can you properly inspect a crawlspace? Did you properly inspect them on the 25 inspections it took you to be a certified home inspector?

I can guarantee we have had no problems fitting into any crawlspaces or attic. How about you? Does VA certify that home inspectors aren’t too obese to perform inspections?

In VA a home inspector can be certified by performing as little as 25 inspections.

Juan, that’s not true. You have to have graduated high school or received a GED as well and you know it :wink:

Lol true! And then you can be a certified home inspector by performing as little as 25 inspections.

Just keeping you honest :slight_smile: