Dog Urine on the AC Unit...Question

The AC units works great…temperature test at 55 degrees.
The condenser fins has an area that has been corroded by dog urine.

Is this a concern that needs to be referred to licensed AC Contractor?
Or just written up …as Inspector observed some physical damage to the AC unit by dog urine…( Unit works fine )…Recommend fencing off the unit from dogs.


How do you know is was urine?
"Inspector observed some physical damage to the AC "

The specific corrosion that dog urine leaves on metal. And the seller
mentioned that he observed his dogs urinating on the unit. And over time
he seen the effects.

Thank you for this…I can write it up now…

They are marking their turf.
Have him piss around the unit.
Him being the dominant male they may stop.
Just Jokin’.

lol…but true.

yes it is!

Great link.

How can an A/C unit work good at 55 degrees?

I believe that was the supply temp.

This would be a great opportunity to test whether pee-ing on the electric fence will give shocks.

I can’t get the link to open on here or by cutting and pasting in my browser.

Anybody got an idea why.

Ha! Give that a try some time!:mrgreen:

It seems it quit working, Dan. I was able to open it the other day but not now…