Physical Damage - But keeping the house cool...Need advice

AC unit has damage from dog urine…unit was working fine, keeping
the house cool…I had 60 degrees coming out of the living room vent.
outside temperature was 90 degrees…

Can or should the unit be fixed?


Dogs in our area are a big problem .
Soon the unit will leak and they will need to replace it.
I would write it up as dog urine damage recommend repair now and add a fence to keep boy dogs away from unit .

The aluminum fins deteriate from the urine but the copper coils do fine unless the coils are also aluminum. The fins is what disapates the heat the unit will probally run with a higher head pressure when it gets into the 90’s and above. When I see that kind of damage I just write it up as being present no way to repair it unless the unit is changed out and that probally won’t happen unless it quits cooling

thanks for the replies…

Thanks Roy…I did not know that.

You could say it was liquid cooled lol

If you were in Florida it would be cleaned almost daily from rain .
I would advise the owner to pee on it him/herself to let all other dogs know there is a bigger dog in town.:cool:

Well being from the north you would have to do that all around the yard .lol

Y’all ain’t nothing but Chihuahua’s up there. Not enough sun to become a Big Dog.:smiley: