Cooling fins damaged...

…probably by Duke. Would you refer this to a HVAC tech? What would he say about it? If the AC is otherwise cooling satisfactorily, just wondering if a referral is the proper thing to do.

060909 019.JPG

I would mention it, And refer it to a ac tech if you dont it will come back and bite you worst than dog giving it the golden shower. Home warranty tech HMM ( home inspector should have reported that. Coils are designed to work even if some are flatten but that is corrision which will lead to a leak down the road.

I have always simply explained that the coils were damaged, that it may lead to leakage and plan for replacement because of the potential for leakage.

Thanks. I’ve always referred it too. Just questioned myself.

Can someone tell me the reason for this deterioration? This is a townhome complex. Three of the units that I noticed looked just like this one. They can’t all be due to dog urine, which was my initial thought.

The landscapers may have sprayed liquid fertilizer on them.

Well it may be what Bruce said , ut my money is on a dog marking his teriotory .Homes close to each other?

Mulch could have been piled up too. I watch a dog do 2 units on a inspection LOL wouldnt be nice to run a capitistor wire around the frame

I sent photos to an HVAC friend of mine. Here’s his reply:

“Its normally caused by dog urine, it hurts the heat transfer which kills efficiency, it can cause refrigerant leaks. should be checked.”