Doing inspections out of state

I am a home inspector in California and have been asked to do a home inspection in the state of Arizona. Arizona has state licensing requirements for in state home inspectors but since I live in California am I able to perform an inspection in Arizona with out have Arizona requirements?

NO. You must be licensed to perform an inspection in AZ.


As Stephen stated… NO!

Regardless of common laws in this country, how did you ever become an Internachi CPI?

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Pretty obvious NO. You needed to ask?

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Jeffrey, great answer. Thank you so much for your reply. Oh btw the 1970’s porn industry called and wants their look back.

There are many reasons I asked this question here on this platform Robert. Thank you for your reply.

You’re welcome. Oh BTW… Beats the/your douche-bag look every time!!

As others have said, you need an AZ License for Arizona. Which is actually a disservice to many people who live in some parts of Rural Arizona. I’m in Utah and only 3 miles from AZ. There is absolutely no AZ licensed HIs within hundreds of miles to serve small border towns/areas like Littlefield, Colorado City, Fredonia AZ etc. so buyers in those areas are not able to get Home Inspections. I’m closer and actually serve areas in UT , like Kanab UT and drive right through 50 miles of AZ hi-way to get there…But Oh’ well Guvment.


I would consider that an opportunity. There are no UT HI’s that are licensed in AZ?

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Guys I always read the post of different subjects because I believe we can always learn new things.
But do you guys really think insulting or making fun of another Professional in your Industry is correct.
Kristopher J Strong, I think its always good to ask but… the ethics are very important to maintain your reputation and your business reputation on a strait line.


Ethics? My question is not degrading to my ethics in which I take very seriously. My ethics are higher than most I have worked with!

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Kristopher, I think Mary’s comment was made in general as opposed to being directed specifically towards you. I live virtually on the GA/NC border. NC is a licensed required state while GA is not. I do not inspect in NC because I have no desire to get a license through them, however I can do an inspection there if I chose to. Sounds weird right? The catch is NC states a home can be inspected by an inspector who is not licensed in the state, provided that the inspector is NOT compensated for the inspection. Ethics comes into play when inspectors “overlook” this and slide down that slippery slope. I know a few around here that are doing that, but that is them and not me.


She may have been referring to Kristophers comment that Jeffery looks like Ron Jeremy.