CA inspector looking to do AZ inspections

I live and work in California on the border of Arizona. I work with several dual (CA / AZ) agents and in this area of Arizona there are no home inspectors available. The closest ones are 1-2 hours away and typically won’t service this area.

I have located some possible legal loopholes and am wanting to see if any other California HI’s have any experience with doing inspections in CA and AZ.

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Thanks for any help or insight you can provide.

Such as??
IMO, as long as you meet the licensing requirements of all states you wish to operate in, there are no “loopholes” (?) to be concerned with.

The problem is I would need to do 30 parallel inspections, costing me in the area of $10-$15K, that includes paying for doing the parallel inspections, gas, food and hotel. I’ve been a HI for 1.5 years and have 180 inspections under my belt, so yes I meet the requirements minus the parallel inspection portion. Even the state regulator told me of the “loopholes” because who is going to jump though the hoops and spend that type of money when they won’t see a return for 5-6 years or longer.

To answer your question… the state regulator said as long as I didn’t advertise and didn’t claim to be a home inspector… figure out another “title” to use… property inspector, consultant? Those are the types of loopholes he stated I could work around, but that I would need to figure what they were.

I am chairman of the Arizona Home Inspector Rules & Standards Committee and there is no allowance for a person to perform a home inspection in Arizona without an Arizona Home Inspection license. It does not matter what the title of the person or the title of the report says. Additionally, the penalties are quite severe for an unlicensed person performing a home inspection in Arizona. My advice is to find a way to get the license and have that additional credential on all of your marketing!


Thank you for your reply and thank you for your phone call. After speaking with you, it appears I was provided some incorrect information via the state office. I really appreciate you reaching out and giving me the info that you did.

You are very welcome Coy. It was great to talk to you and I wish you the best.