Don't be lazy!

Our SoP says we are not required to move things to perform a visual inspection, but it does NOT say we mustn’t.

While there are times when you won’t move items, either because you might damage them, or the property, don’t rely on your SoP to become lazy.

It doesn’t provide your client with the service they are paying for or deserve, and it may land you in hot water if it can be proved that the item to move was trivial in nature, and the defect may have been serious.

For instance. Block foundation corner.

I could have easily said here “Possible water intrusion from tidemark stains on wood slats” However that may have been able to be argued by a seller if I was wrong as being marks from another location, or capillary action from condensation on the slab.

Removing the “strategically” placed towel…

No we have an indication of long-term water intrusion into the corner, and possible fungal growth.

  • No physical damage caused by moving the towel? Check!
  • Properly servicing of my clients needs to have a home carefully inspected? Check!
  • SoP complied with? Check!

Use your common-sense and exceed your SoP when it is safe (physically and liability wise) to do so.

When you started the post I thought you meant the bigger things like a couch, chair…Occasionally I will move these item so I can see behind them. A towel on the floor like seen in you picture would be a no brainier. Obviously I would refrain from moving a china cabinet or anything breakable but I see no issue with moving something away from the wall even slightly so you can see behind it. Due diligence comes to the forefront in court. The SOP will likely not protect you if they deem it was easily movable.

LOL. Yep, I used “sensationalism” to suck you in Greg. :smiley:

The point is, which you probably get too, is that some inspection reports the come across my desk for review show where the Inspector just can’t be bothered to go that extra mile (or few inches).