Don't dredge up old threads during the online Xmas party fun!

Please don’t sabotage other members during the Xmas party by pulling up old threads from years past. If you do, I promise to delete your membership, without any input from ESOP!

Now everyone have a Merry Christmas as I hear Nick has some pretty fancy prizes this year :smiley:

OOOoooooo you sound pissed.

Did people do that in the past?

Go get em. You have at least have my support.

You don’t nee no stinking ESOP :smiley:

May I suggest that the rules are posted clearly in the beginning and do not change to avoid confusion and bitchiness by those who do not pay attention?

HA, it’s Monday and yet another cold from the kiddo’s :wink:

That sucks.

Isn’t school great :roll:

I would rather have a cold than my broken foot :neutral:

Yay Lisa!

Hey Lisa I tried calling you earlier to update my CC info so give me a call when you have a minute. 512-296-9538

George I already left you a voicemail too!

Good talking with you! Thanks!!

Great Post Lisa!!! :smiley: :smiley: We know who wears the pants in that office!

so when is the party:D