Xmas Party Confusion

With all the old posts from last year, there is alot of confusion. Where does this years, 2020, Xmas Party start? :santa: :man_shrugging:

It has already started.

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Doug, Make sure you check the posting date to be sure.

It is right in this forum but guys are replying to posts from last year so it brings them to the top and starts a chain reaction.

Marc Goldenberg
Did I win somethin’?

We caught the guy who was using Google to drag up year-old posts to try to sabotage our party. We’ve expelled him from the association.

Hopefully it won’t happen again.


Thanks Nick!

How do you know if you’ve won? I don’t want to keep posting if I’ve won something already to give others a chance.

Of Course You won Marc I think JJ has a special prize for You…

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how will we know if we won

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I think I just won an infrared camera from 2015.


Get it Get all

We announce the winner in each thread today.


Thanks Nick you da man!

I really appreciate the chances when they say “the 20th person to reply”… instead of “the first X to reply”. These don’t always load quickly. Great event InterNACHI! Thank you!

If we are not members yet do we still get an opportunity to win?


How is everyone posting so fast for the prizes? By the time I see the post, 10 people have already replied

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I keep getting a must be 10 words error on most of them. Not all but most. Oh well I suppose lol

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It is pretty Chaotic. When I was in college (IT major) we actually had to take a class called “online etiquette”. A lot of people would benefit from it.

do we need to be watching latest or new for the posts