What day should we hold our annual online Christmas party?

This coming Thursday?

What ever works for you. You will never make everyone happy.

What is the online Christmas party?

You’ll see. It’s the day Nick plays Santa.


The day after the last day of the Mayan calendar.

this should be good ,if we are still here:D:D

Some of us work on that weekday and won’t be able to participate.

Santa should come on the weekend.

Or even better, Christmas Day.

I’ll be posting the winner of The Best Defect Picture of the Year with you donating the Prize. :mrgreen:;):slight_smile:

Christmas day is for families IMO.

Next Thursday is the NACHI Chicago meeting and party so Chicago members would forfeit participation.
Were Chapter meeting times considered ?

Next Thursday it is then :slight_smile:

You all will be to depressed still after the Bears loss on Sunday anyway.

Bears are set to punch out the Pack and all those Cheese heads.

What trades did they make this week? :mrgreen:

Told ya! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thursday works for me. It’s the only open day I have left all year.

They are playing for Lovie’s job this Sunday meaning they will win.
He only gets creative with game plans when he is forced to.

I seem to recall Tuesday was determined as best day of the week to hold it last year.
Statistically more people are working on Thursday than any other day of the week.

Post your source!

Doing your Larson imitation.
Rush hours are proven to be the worst on Thursday because less people take that day off to travel.

I know in the Boondocks where you are that does not effect things…:slight_smile:

Monday you get all the people that were looking over the weekend.Friday is always a heavy inspection day because people often take off early and I could go on but you are a bright boy so figure it out champ.

I’ve got three kids…what about having a charity auction like we had awhile ago where Nick’s Xmas prizes can be auctioned off and the proceeds sent to Newtown as a donation from InterNACHI?