Don't fall asleep on sloping floors

I am sure you have heard this “The home is old, sloping floors are to be expected”. A realtor favorite.

Here are a few photos of a 1977 crawlspace, floors were engineered trusses supported on wood beams and wood piers (and a few other things). There were many more problems, here are a few photos.

Honestly, this is the first time I have observed engineered wood trusses on a 1970’s home. The resulting failures are a combination of things and it almost seems experimental for the builder or the era. What are your experiences with engineered systems in older homes?

Consequently, the home’s floors had high spots, low spots and sloping at all three levels. I had to dig into a low crawl entrance under a low deck. Glad I did.


I own a rental that is a 1981 manufactured home. At first glance it looks stick built. Masonry chimney, 2’ eaves…but you start crawling around and it’s obvious it’s a manufactured home. The floor system is engineered like your photos. I haven’t seen or had any issues with the floor.

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