Don't forget, tomorrow (Monday) is the BIG day. Be here to win big!

Monday, December 21… the Inspection Industry Christmas Party!

Merry Christmas to all.

Is it Monday yet

It’s Monday here now…:smiley:

Got my keyboard all charged for action.

Fast on the fingers Bob?

Strange it’s on a Monday, usually the busiest day of the week, but when I look at the posts on the message board at the end of the day, many, many inspectors post from sun up till WAY past sun down, I guess that’s not the case that most inspectors (who post here continually) have inspections.

Hopefully a lot of marketing ideas will be available so some of the guys here can get some work.

Dale I post to and from work.
You got the phone to do it now.

You got your IR camera ,so be happy you whiner. :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting, Duff-
Here, it’s the slowest for inspections, but often busiest for calls (as a result of weekend activity).:roll:

What time does the NACHI Shipping Dept." open?

I was told that I had to be here by 3:30 AM! :shock:

Okay… its 3:52 AM!

I was told that “The Early Bird Gets the Worm”! (:roll:)

I’m waiting!](*,)

What time does this fandango start? :shock:

I’m wondering too!!!

I believe last year the first “gift” went off at about 2:00pm…

So you guys can go get some sleep, and I’ll hold down the fort!!!


Jeff, since I am not working, and you guys have inspections to do, I will take over and watch out for the show to begin, I tell you all what happened at nine tonight. :mrgreen::wink:

Perfect. I’ve been up since 6 am drinking eggnog and waiting. By that time, I’ll be face down on the desk.

What time does the bartender get here?

I have a job right in the middle of the day, duplex in the city.

Will take all day and report all night.

Not complaining though. Good luck everyone!!

Merry Christmas Santa…

Hey, what’s going on? 88 users on line. The most I have seen in two years.
I’m the one out of work here, now you guys go to work so when this thing starts I have half a chance. :mrgreen::wink:

They’re coming out of the wood work eh? Outside of two report I’ve got the day off. Of course Monday is a day of answering the phone. So far I’ve booked three inspections with three more pending.

Outside of that I’m hoping to be a part of this big InterNACHI party.