What day should we hold the biggest annual event in the inspection industry.

Each year, InterNACHI’s online Christmas Party has more inspectors attend than every other event in the industry. We often have 3,500 attendees.

Shipping everyone their prizes often takes staff a full four days to accomplish and this year we’re going all out.

What day/date would be best to hold the event?

Monday, December 23, 2013.

I agree with Buck. My vote is Monday the 23.

Thanks again Nick as your generosity ALWAYS amazes me :slight_smile:


Please post the rules in advance as clearly as possible so we do not have to worry about the crybabies ::twisted:

Any chance about giving up the fee to become a CMI as a gift ? :slight_smile:

A lot of people leave town on Monday. Thursday the 19th or Friday the 20th?

Is the event at night?

Nope is has always been during the day. Monday the 23 :slight_smile:

:frowning: too bad, if it was the evening I could go.

My vote is for Friday the 20th.

The 23rd works for me.

Steve it is an online party. No need to go anywhere :slight_smile:

Thanks Nick. I feel the 19th or 20th would be better as people will be traveling the weekend before.

If any vendors want to throw in with their products/services, email me at fastreply@nachi.org . This has been the biggest event in the inspection industry for nearly a decade now and it gets bigger every year.

I work a day job until the first of the new year then I go full time :slight_smile:

Monday the 23rd is great. Should be a slow week, maybe.

When would Jesus want you to have this event?
It’s His holiday.

Christmas Day when all are home from work and travel. :slight_smile:

Hmmm… Let’s see… how did we decide the last few years…?




He did last year and I won/earned it. Great Christmas present indeed.

Cool beans and congrats.
Maybe this will be my year :slight_smile:
I like the fancy symbol.

im good with the 23rd