Don't turn on the 1200 CFM kitchen fan in tight home!

If you have a tight home and a 1200 CFM kitchen exhaust fan, what happens when it’s turned on?

A good thread on the topic.

Yep, also this whole tight home thing is worthless until the insulation contractors learn how to properly install insulation (fiberglass batts in slope ceilings and hard to access areas) and crawlspaces. Lots of problems found once you start looking at these houses with IR. Energy star homes even have loads of poorly installed insulation and no has to check it for the certification.

The installation must be inspected by the installation contractors. Before you on the fan better to ask installation contractor.

In Canada we have to go with the HRAI guidelines to interlink the big exhaust with the HRV, this is called the CEC Critical Exhaust Condition. The installation must be done with a Certified HRAI installer so Linda is right that you need to know who installed it.