QOD June 29-06

Another change - air change/ventilation requirements

Clue - ASHRAE standards

Great question . I think I know the answer but .
I have looked for the answer and could not find it

Roy Cooke sr …Not going to join ASRAE at $150.00

I know that it also referenced in some building codes, to the ASHRAE standard.

0.35 is not on the list.

It’s a trick question.LOL

"The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineering (ASHRAE [(3 bedrooms + 1) x 15 cfm = 60 cfm]. Kitchens should have an intermittent exhaust capacity of 100 cfm; bathrooms an intermittent capacity of 50 cfm. (ASHRAE also notes that “dwellings with tight enclosures may require supplemental ventilation supply for fuel-burning appliances, including fireplaces and mechanically exhausted appliances.”](“http://www.epa.gov/iaq/exitepa.htm”)

I wonder when Claude is going to give his answers to his questions of the Day .
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You have to clarify your question.Are you talking about infiltration,HRV,what type of home?A home with a principle exhaust? The correct answer has so many variables,no. of occupants etc.This is a very vague question.


To ensure adequate ventilation, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc. (ASHRAE) says that the living area of a home should be ventilated at a rate of 0.35 air changes per hour or 15 cubic feet per minute (cfm) per person, whichever is greater.