vent hood requirements

Need to know if an exhaust vent is required over the range if its electric. Just inspected a condo with a remodeled kitchen that has not exhaust vent.
Which is a bad thing, just wondering if there is anything in the code that requires them. My client is asking for this.

Recommend but usually not possible if not already in as they may not be on an outside wall or not permitted by association.
Extra openings are a leak potential.

Commercial ,Yes

Dumb to not have an exhaust yet even new developments do not have them often around here.
They can get charcoal filters but they need changing and the costs add up.

optional here…

Nope. Not required…

It depends? You can find Muni’s in CA that will require them and some don’t… How many homes do you find in your area that don’t have at least a recirculating type?

Usually not required for residential. We are starting to see issues with the large kitchen vent hoods though. These unitsexhaust 600cfm up to over 1000cfm and do not provide make-up air. I have a client that has his CO alarms going off when he runs his exhaust fan in the kitchen.

excellent thanks everyone for the input.

ASHRAE 62 suggests a 100 CFM fan for the kitchen.