Door bell connections.

I’m looking for help installing this door bell chime.
I have two red wires and two white wires coming out of the old door bell.
The new chime has three connection points: REAR - TRANS - FRONT.
Where do the red and white wires connect to?

How was it connected on the old chime and did the old chime have three terminals or only two?

The schematic is printed on the bell, I can see part of it in the photo.

Each button has 2 wires, shouldn’t take too long to trace it out or just guess.

No, I did not post a photo of the old one, what you are seeing is my photo of the new one with the old wires connected to it and the doorbell did not function connected that way. The old doorbell had only two connection points and I did not see how it was connected because I did not disconnect it.

Splice the two whites together and try the red that’s on the rear on the** trans** screw.

There is no power to the unit from the transformer.

Find the wire that goes to the transformer and put it in the middle.

How to Wire a Transformer - How to Wire a Doorbell

Since there is only one switch and two cables this is just wired as one big series loop. You can try to identify the feed and the switch but it’s not even necessary. Splice one wire from each cable together and the other two go on the chime.